Guide Politics and Culture in Victorian Britain: Essays in Memory of Colin Matthew

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Politics and Culture in Victorian Britain. Essays in Memory of Colin Matthew. Edited by Peter Ghosh and Lawrence Goldman. An important.
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Buy it Again. Make sure to buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now. Let us wish you a happy birthday! In Holmes was appointed to an assistant lectureship at the University of Sheffield in the Department of Economic and Social History under Sidney Pollard, then a rising star in the field of Economic History. Following his appointment as assistant lecturer Holmes later became lecturer , senior lecturer and reader before being appointed to a personal professorship in the Department of History in He retired in and is now an Emeritus Professor of History in the University.

Together with Alan Booth, in Holmes edited and contributed to a "festschrift" for Pollard called Economy and Society. European Industrialisation and its Social Consequences. On Pollard's death in Holmes became his literary executor and also edited for publication Pollard's Essays on the Industrial Revolution in Britain However, he is best known for his work on British antisemitism, migration and fascism.

His first major contribution to this field was an edited volume, Immigrants and Minorities in British Society to which he contributed an essay on 'J.

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  7. Hobson and the Jews'. In Holmes wrote Anti-Semitism in British Society — , which proved to be an inspiration for the growth of research into the area of fascism and antisemitism. He also wrote influential articles on the British editions of the notorious Protocols of Zion. Holmes jointly founded the journal Immigrants and Minorities in and served as joint editor until He currently sits on its advisory panel. It focused on a wide range of groups that entered Britain in these years, their contributions to society and the varied responses they encountered.

    A similar but smaller study, A Tolerant Country?

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    Immigrants, Refugees and Minorities in Britain , appeared in Essays in honour of William J Fishman which he edited jointly with Geoffrey Alderman, and his two volumes of edited source material in Migration in European History. Conway and J Gotovitch Europe in Exile. European Exile Communities in Britain, — Voices from Exile Leiden and Boston, Much of his time recently had been consumed by working on his long-awaited and widely regarded as definitive political biography of William Joyce: Searching for Lord Haw-Haw: The Political Lives of William Joyce , which was published by Routledge in Fishman , edited with Anne J.

    Kershen is now in press and will be published in August A "festschrift" to celebrate his work on migration and related matters will appear in the autumn. During his career Holmes supervised a large number of postgraduate students, some of whom have subsequently been appointed to Chairs in British Universities, and who are often referred to as the "Sheffield School" see Welsh History Review , June Following his retirement, in he held a Parkes Fellowship at the University of Southampton.

    Matthew, Professor Henry Colin Gray (1941–1999)

    Further information on research opportunities within the department. He became notorious as a fascist, an anti-Semite and then as a Second World War traitor when, assuming the persona of Lord Haw-Haw, he acted as a radio propagandist for the Nazis. It is an endlessly compelling story of simmering hope, intense frustration, renewed anticipation and ultimately catastrophic failure.

    This fully-referenced work is the first attempt to place Joyce at the centre of the turbulent, traumatic and influential events through which he lived.

    Matthew, H. C. G. (Henry Colin Gray) [WorldCat Identities]

    Few would disagree with him. In this book, first published in , Colin Holmes examines responses to those immigrants and refugees who have been coming to Britain since the late nineteenth century as well as the perception and treatment of British-born minorities. He attempts to explain the hostility which these groups have encountered and reveals behind complex feelings and circumstances which have often gone unrecognised.

    There is a strong but unreliable view that immigration is a marginal and recent phenomenon. In fact, immigrants and refugees have come to Britain throughout its recorded history. In this book, first published in , Colin Holmes examines this period in depth and asks: who were the newcomers and why were they coming? What were the distinctive features of their economic and social lives in Britain?

    How did British society respond to their presence? The resulting book is a major historical survey of immigration which synthesises and evaluates existing work and weaves in new material on a wide range of immigrant minorities.

    Book Politics And Culture In Victorian Britain Essays In Memory Of Colin Matthew 2006

    This is the first detailed study of anti-semitism, as an ideology, among the British. First published in , it concentrates on the crucial period between and when, against a background of Jewish immigration, war or the threat of war, and social and economic unrest, hostility towards the Jewish community reached its peak. Colin Holmes identifies the main strands of anti-semitic thought and their expression, starting with the Eastern Crisis of which sparked off the first serious manifestation of anti-semitism.

    He shows how, before , opposition towards Jews rested on religious and other perceived cultural distinctions. In the last twenty years one of the classical arenas for British historical writing — the politics of Victorian Britain — has ceased to be an obvious or self-evidently important subject. Facing up to this challenge, the historians who have contributed to this volume explore central aspects of that history. They continue to uphold the centrality of politics to Victorian Britain, but suggest that politics must be viewed more broadly, as a concern pervading almost all spheres of life, just as Victorians themselves would have done.

    In this way politics penetrates into Victorian culture. Such are some of the themes taken up here.


    Reflection on his intellectual achievement is a second distinctive component of this book. Keywords: Victorian Britain , politics , international relations , education , literature , political tradition , professionalization , Colin Matthew. Forgot password? Don't have an account? All Rights Reserved.