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And where does the geography of celebrity fit in…? How do you differentiate between the sacred and the postmodern — and even outright kitsch? What follows is a transcript of the conversation. Was your list of sites determined by rigorous historical and anthropological research, or by your own subjective interpretation of the sites?

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Erik Davis : It was pretty clear, in an objective sense, where the major points were — the major locations to find. I was looking either for a new religious movement that had some literally visionary quality behind it, or for a novel, visionary development within an older and existing tradition. But there was always a grey area. On that level, I started to go a little bit on intuition — not just picking things that I liked, obviously, but picking things that seemed to complete or expand the story behind the book. A good example is Luna, the tree that Julia Butterfly Hill sat in.

Is it religious, is it spiritual, is it visionary? People had come, sneaking onto the land, in order to pay homage.

There was a Navaho dreamcatcher and a little bodhisattva figure and a teacup and a little glyph of a tree — it was this rag-tag mixture of objects that had transformed the tree into a kind of miniature shrine. This, of course, is not Luna]. Davis : I tried to keep to things that were as explicitly religious or spiritual as possible — but, you can imagine, we had a long B-list of places we thought we could include.

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We were constantly asking for more space from the publisher! There are just so many elements that went into it: geography; wanting to keep a balance between urban and rural, north and south, different traditions — Buddhist, Christian, pagan, Native American. There were places that were famous vs. People start telling you stuff.

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So Michael Rauner and I went out there, and it was great. Ballard than it is for The Visionary State , but were you ever tempted to include things like the site where James Dean was killed? Or the exact route driven by O.

Simpson as he fled the police? Something between the Blythe geoglyph and the maze outside Grace Cathedral? Davis : I would have loved that. As I say, we have a long B-list.

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Which I actually then preferred. For me, the seismology thing really worked in a more gentle way, and that was by talking about the hot springs. Dick thought that the Prison was what the world actually looked like, in one substratum.

Paradise and Hell: we probably have the idea of them all wrong, maybe even more wrong than the ancients, who put Paradise in the sky and Hell in the ground. Everything, all the buildings, the whole landscape, is black hence the name.

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Where the joints were—at least on some of the architecture—it was as if black claws bound the corner shut, clasped the boundary between floors together. Sinister the architecture, all of it. A thoroughly evil place. We who do see it, I found we can break free of it forever. Dick was freed when Nixon resigned as President: this was the world freed from the Prison outside.

Banishing Ritual with Black Candle